The Irish Country House and the Great War

Posted on Sep 11, 2014

The Irish Life and Lore oral history collection, entitled The Irish Country House and the Great War was launched on 30th July 2014, just days before the one hundred year anniversary of the British declaration of war against Germany on August 4th 1914.

This oral history collection includes recordings from members of 52 families from all areas of Ireland.  The content of the oral history collection ensures that those who fell, those who suffered lifelong physical and psychological injury and those fortunate enough to survive unscathed, will not be forgotten.  Members of their families who have been recorded for the project speak of their family histories, their childhood homes, their family tradition of military service, their service records and the lives lived after the war by those who survived. Anecdotes relating to their personal lives and relationships are recounted, often with gentle humour and pathos, and the bitter heartbreak endured by parents and siblings on the death of a beloved family member is described.

To find out more about this collection visit the Irish Life and Lore website.